Salinlahi Park
Puerto Princesa, Philippines

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The Salinlahi Park of Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines was built just before the rainy season in April 2009. It was the first park to be constructed on a Pacific island, and incorporated a black instead of a white pearl. The project was completed with the energic support of the Mayor of Puerto Princessa, Edward Hagadorn. The mayor had an enlightened enviromental record and saw the park as the first element in a future international environmental learning center. The dedication of the park was timed to coincide with an internatinal peace confrence organised by the World Council for Curriculum and Instruction, a San Diego-based NGO. 

The park was constructed by students from China, South Korea, Russia, the Philippines and the United States, and added new partner universities from both the Philippines and Korea, and was generously suppoted by the Rotary in both the U.S. and the Philippines. 

May 3rd- May 30th 
The Pacific Rim Parks Organization will design and build the 5th Pacific Rim Park for the city of Puerto Princesa, on the island of Palawan in the Philippines. 

Who’s Involved: The city has given us a beautiful site which will be the entrance to the future Environmental Tropical Science Center and eco-tourist center of the city. Like all of the parks it is open to the public and on the Pacific. 

Key Organizations

  • Canvas International
  • City of Puerto Princesa
  • Ilan Leal Foundation
  • Mission Valley Rotary of San Diego
  • Puerto Princesa Rotary
  • University of California in San Diego International Relations of Pacific Studies Program
  • University of the Philippines, Quezon City - College of Architecture
  • Palawan State University