Our Mission

An inspirational gateway to the Pacific Rim, the Parks are dedicated to all people who share this ocean; for their mutual enjoyment and education; artistically designed and developed through a spirit of cooperation; honoring the cultural richness and shared future of all. 

  • To build parks and community spaces that bridge political, cultural, environmental, and spiritual differences
  • To design the parks with the insight of students from the diverse cultures of the Pacific Rim, on the understanding that the future of the region lies in the hands of the next generation
  • To coordinate the design and construction of the parks with cities, universities, and other community organizations, using the construction of the parks to build cooperation and goodwill
  • To empower students and local organizations to connect with other cultures in the Pacific, to build friendships through a common project, and longer-term relationships that reflect a new Pacific culture of cooperation
  • To promote the value of diversity and respect for the natural world, people, and cultures of the Pacific Rim